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Adcol attended CISILE 2017 Beijing

Published:2017-04-24Author:Bell ChaiSource:Views:2477

The 15th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition, organized by the China Instrument Industry Association, was held at the Beijing National Convention Center from April 6 to 18, 2017.

This time, Adcol with our own patented products to participate in the exhibition, Liquid to Liquid TE Chiller,  ARB TE Bath (Tank), Double Channels Thermoelectric Dehumidifier.

Liquid to Liquid TE Chiller design with ATL engine, build in precision temperature control system, up to +/-0.2 degree centigrade. Widely used in medical, photonics and semiconductor industry. Cooling capacity is 150W,300W or build to customize request.

ARB(T) Adcol recirculating bath (Tank) designed per customer request. ARB is used for LED manufacturing evaporating system, control the liquid in bath for +/-0.05 degree C precision. ART is widely used in every industry, maintain test temperature in +/-0.5 degree C range. We also could design per customer request.

Double Channels Thermoelectric Dehumidifier: Currently we provide 200W standard dehumidifier with high performance thermoelectric modules. It can cool the gas and remove the moisture quickly and effectively and can be indispensable at the pre-processing stage for various gas analyzers

Typical Application: Automated measuring systems and analyzers for pollution gas

Customer: SHIMADZU

Through this exhibition, we are pleased to see new products, new technologies, new achievements, new instruments and equipment for the fields of analytical instruments, optical instruments, life science instruments, biotechnology and instruments, laboratory equipment, mechanical testing equipment and medical and health equipment ;

At the same time , Adcol can share our own technical achievements to to everyone.

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